When can I get a Buoy for my home?

We are hard at work preparing for our first production run this summer.  Please add you name to our mailing list and we will notify you as soon as we begin accepting pre-orders.

Can I install Buoy myself?

If you are comfortable with household plumbing, you can install Buoy using our detailed installation guide. You could also have your local plumber install Buoy for you in about an hour.

Do I need to "train" my Buoy?

No, as soon as you install Buoy, it starts learning right away.  Buoy will recognize your home's water appliances (shower, toilets, sinks, dishwasher, etc.) on its own.  You will also be able to name other devices that Buoy does not immediately identify.

Will Buoy connect with my other smart home devices?

Yes!  We want to play well with others and are working hard to connect with your favorite smart home devices.  Our list of partners is growing, but we are already integrated with IFTTT and Amazon Echo.

Do I need to already have a smart home?

No, Buoy works with or without other smart home devices.